Bethel Outreach Ministries N.C - An Outreach Church with a Teaching Ministry

Pastor R.W. Ray is the pastor & overseer of Bethel Outreach Ministries NC  Pastor R. W Ray was born Roberta Walener Ingram to Roszella Ingram-Powell & Hubert Tuner on June 10, 1944 in Northampton County, North Carolina. Roberta attended Squire Elementary School, and Gumberry High School She then moved to New York where she graduated from Washington Irving All Girl High School in 1963. She went on to attend Plaza Business School, graduating in 1978.
Pastor Ray attended Zion Temple Church under the leadership of the late Pastor .M. Wright in New York. Anointed as a teacher she taught Sunday School since 1974. 

 She has 6 children (Sheila, LaMont'e Tokovia, Roshonda, Wilanu, and Kaity), and a host of grandchildren, with six great grandchildren. She was married to the late Edward L. Ray.

  In Texas she attended New Day Deliverance Church under the leadership of Pastor E. M. Gladney where she became the Superintendent of Sunday School in 1994. Roberta then moved back to her home State of North Carolina in 2004.
Upon moving to North Carolina Roberta visited several Churches looking for a church home. In 2006 as she sat in a church she was visiting, she was grieved as church went on, because her children & grandchildren were not utilizing the gifts that God gave them. It was also extremely difficult to bring her husband out to church, due to him suffering a massive stroke; therefore, God's Holy Spirit moved giving her unction to start a Church in the home. That way she would not have to struggle with getting her husband out to Church, or leaving his side because, he required around the clock care, and her children & grand children could utilize the gifts that God gave them.

  In October 2007 Bethel Outreach Ministries was started with the help of Pastor & Overseer S. Demby (Straightway Temple Ministries). In November 2007 Roberta was ordained as Pastor of Bethel Outreach Ministries.

 The revelation that God gave her for ministry has come to pass. The church has blessed many and, continues to do so each day. God is blessing her because, of her obedience and the love that she has for God's people.

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